Daystar Samoyeds

Suffolk, Virginia


Joy Pups

We have bred Samoyeds since 1997.

We have owned Samoyeds since 1985.

As of fall, 2023, we have 6 Samoyeds.

We show our Samoyeds in AKC conformation,

or hire handlers to help us show them.

We health test our breeding dogs.

Puppies are born and live in our home, and are well socialized.

We worm puppies, give the first vaccination, and vet check puppies.

We offer full health warranty on puppies for the first seven days.

We offer a limited genetic warranty on puppies for 2 1/2 years.


Rescue vs. Responsible Breeders?


Please read the statement borrowed from Beret Walsh, which succinctly sets forth the reason that dog lovers must not be only for resuce, but must not be against responsible breeding.  Click here to read the document.



We have two puppies, one boy and one girl, two weeks old as of September 16, 2023, still available.  We would like to place these puppies in show/breeding homes where we could co-own them and breed to them in the future.  That would require that they live in the Hampton Roads, Virginia area.


If you are near us and interested in a puppy that will go home the final weekend of October, we will sell either of these at the pet price of $3,000 rather than the show price of $3,500.  To start the process, please fill out our Puppy Questionnaire  . A $500 deposit is required to hold your puppy.




We breed once or twice each year, and hold a waiting list with approval of our Puppy Questionnaire and a non-refundable initial deposit.  If you are interested in a puppy in the future, please cut and paste the questionnaire, and e-mail to me.  We will let you know when puppies are born. 



What is a Samoyed Like?

True at 3 years old. (above)

Willow at 2 years old (above).

   Beautiful, majestic, friendly, great with children - that is the Samoyed.  But he is not just a beautiful dog; he is a working dog, very capable of independent thought and able to pull a sled, herd, or assist the family in almost any work required of him.  That beautiful coat doesn't stay that way itself.  Much combing and care goes into grooming him.  He also needs obedience training or he will train himself in ways you won't appreciate.   In the     right family, he makes a perfect pet.